To meet the demand of our music therapy service at Sound Expression, we’re delighted to let you know that we have invited 5 new music therapists to join our team this year. We warmly welcome Alya, Edwin, Rebecca, Sebastian and Winnie to our 2023 team and look forward to seeing them help our clients to achieve great things through music therapy!

Alya Meyer is a Registered Music Therapist who completed her Master of Creative Music Therapy at Western Sydney University. She is a Ukrainian-born, classically trained singer with extensive performance experience in Opera, Musical Theatre and Choir. Her main instruments are voice and piano.

Alya’s clinical interests are in working with children and in aged care. Prior to undertaking her music therapy studies, she owned a music business offering early childhood music programs to families and childcare facilities. Alya has experience working with children and adults in a variety of different settings, including an SSP school, aged care and dementia settings, mainstream primary school and in childcare centres.

In her work with clients, Alya integrates person-centred and family-centred approaches. Using evidence-based music therapy techniques, Alya tailors her sessions to address the client’s clinical goals while ensuring that they enjoy the journey. Having two children herself, Alya understands the significance of collaboration with families. It is her aim to work with clients and families to extend music therapy’s benefits beyond the therapy room and to support them in achieving their full potential through music.

Alya is also fluent in both Ukrainian and Russian.


Edwin Chian is a Registered Music Therapist who completed his Master of Creative Music Therapy at Western Sydney University. Previously, Edwin worked as a music tutor, teaching primarily guitar, as well as bass guitar, ukulele and drums.

He has experience working with diverse clinical populations; from facilitating small group sessions for children and adolescents on the Autism Spectrum, to leading both group and individual music therapy workshops in hospitals as part of trauma-informed practice.

Edwin’s strengths lie in his ability to listen to and connect with his clients, to assist them in building the resources they need for their own unique journey. His therapeutic method combines strengths-based and person-centred approaches which utilise the client’s interests and strengths to build motivation and confidence. Edwin firmly believes in the power of music and he greatly enjoys helping his clients progress towards their goals, using the musical tools that he is so passionate about.

Rebecca (Bec) Cooper is a Registered Music Therapist with a Masters in Creative Music Therapy from Western Sydney University. Having played the violin since she was four years old, Bec has always been surrounded by music. She has now expanded her instrumental skills to include piano, guitar and bass guitar.

Bec has worked with children of all ages in a paediatric neurorehabilitation setting, as well as at schools and in private practice both in Sydney and in Brisbane. She also has experience working in Aged Care with seniors living with dementia, as well as in stroke rehabilitation.

Bec is passionate about using music to connect with people and provide a means of communication and self-expression for all individuals. As well as her work in music therapy, she is passionate about providing opportunities for young people to make music together, and has spent time with the Australian Youth Orchestra helping to facilitate their National Music Camp in 2022.

Sebastian Green is a Registered Music Therapist who completed his Master of Creative Music Therapy at Western Sydney University. He has also completed a Bachelor of Music in Performance, with his main instruments being the guitar and bass guitar.

Sebastian’s experience includes working with children and young adults with disabilities; as well as working with adults with mental health diagnoses. He has several years of experience performing across various venues in Sydney and runs a private music tutoring business, teaching guitar, bass guitar and ukulele.

He is passionate about combining his knowledge gained from working in the wider music field, with music therapy practice to help clients improve their health and wellbeing and achieve their potential! When he’s not busy making music, Sebastian is also a keen basketballer.

Winnie Choy is a Registered Music Therapist with a Master of Creative Music Therapy from Western Sydney University. Prior to this, Winnie achieved her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Music and Master of Arts from Oxford University in the UK. As one of the former pianists of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Winnie has over ten years of experience in piano teaching, accompanying, and performing.

A complicated pregnancy followed by years of early intervention work with her autistic child led Winnie to a new journey in music therapy. Understanding the ‘ups and downs’ of raising a child with autism and the challenges faced by their families, Winnie is dedicated to supporting children in achieving their potential through an integrative, educational, and family-centred approach. Winnie is passionate about nurturing children’s authenticity and self-esteem and enjoys celebrating every milestone – all things big and small – with their loved ones. Winnie also enjoys working in aged care, bringing connection and joy to the Seniors community through music.