At Sound Expression, Zeb, Oscar, Alex, and Ethan have been working together in their music therapy group for quite some time. In their latest team collaboration, they performed “Walking on Sunshine” for their family and friends, showcasing not just their musical talents, but also their ability to work together.

Supported by their music therapists, Rob Devlin and Edwin Chian, this performance highlights the core principles of teamwork:

  • Oscar took on the crucial role of maintaining the beat. His responsibility was to keep the tempo steady, ensuring that the performance flowed smoothly and everyone stayed in sync. His focus and precision were key to holding the group together.
  • Alex and Ethan were in charge of the horns. They had to remember their parts, follow directions precisely, and play in perfect harmony with each other. Their ability to stay focused and hit their cues at the right moments was essential for the performance.
  • Zeb had the important task of introducing the song and the team with confidence. As the group’s lead singer, he needed to memorise the lyrics and deliver them with energy and enthusiasm, setting the tone for the entire performance.

Their collaboration and hard work culminated in this awesome performance & teamwork. We think they did such an amazing job collaborating with each other. They absolutely nailed it!!!