Registered Music Therapist

AMTA Registered Music Therapist, Neurologic Music Therapist,
Master of Creative Music Therapy, Master of Arts, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Music

Winnie is a Registered Music Therapist with a Master of Creative Music Therapy from Western Sydney University. Prior to this, Winnie achieved her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Music and Master of Arts from Oxford University in the UK. As one of the former pianists of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Winnie has over ten years of experience in piano teaching, accompanying, and performing.

A complicated pregnancy followed by years of early intervention work with her autistic child led Winnie to a new journey in music therapy. Understanding the ‘ups and downs’ of raising a child with autism and the challenges faced by their families, Winnie is dedicated to supporting children in achieving their potential through an integrative, educational, and family-centred approach. Winnie is passionate about nurturing children’s authenticity and self-esteem and enjoys celebrating every milestone – all things big and small – with their loved ones. Winnie also enjoys working in aged care, bringing connection and joy to the Seniors community through music.

Member of AMTA Australian Music Therapy Association