Damian Khoury

Music Therapy Assistant

B Mus Music; Diploma in Audio Production and Music Business

Damian Khoury is a Music Therapy Assistant and a Music Therapy Student completing his Master’s Degree in Music Therapy. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Music and a dual Diploma in Audio Production and Music Business. He is South African-born and comes from an Italian and Lebanese heritage. Damian has experience in various environments, such as primary and high school youth work, music industry performance and production experience, and beginner violin tutoring. Damian uses his knowledge and experiences of the violin, piano, guitar, bass guitar and vocals to help support those in the music therapy setting.

Damian’s passion for people and music has helped shape who he is and how he interacts with this beautiful and complex world. He is driven by wanting to help support those who have not been given the same opportunities due to reasons outside their control. He believes that music can play a significant role in assisting people to achieve their personal goals.