Awesome Teamwork – ‘This is Me’ and ‘Lean on Me’

Check out our fantastic Saturday teenage group who did a performance for their parents and families last Saturday. They have been preparing these 2 songs for several weeks and they finally got the chance to showcase their skills last weekend. They did an amazing job in nailing ‘This Is Me’ and ‘Lean On Me’, showing […]

Walking On Sunshine – Teamwork Through Group Music Therapy

At Sound Expression, Zeb, Oscar, Alex, and Ethan have been working together in their music therapy group for quite some time. In their latest team collaboration, they performed “Walking on Sunshine” for their family and friends, showcasing not just their musical talents, but also their ability to work together.

Group Music Therapy for Children – helping with social and play skills

As Sound Expression, as well as providing individual music therapy, we also provide group music therapy for children and adults of various needs, ages, and abilities. Often, we get asked the question, “What does a music therapy group look like?” Here’s an example of one of our music therapy groups. This group targeted play and […]

Celebrating Cameron’s Musical Journey over the past 7 years

We are excited to celebrate a milestone in Cameron’s musical journey! Recently, we shared an article detailing his growth and achievements since he began his journey with us at age five. Today, we invite you to watch this heartfelt video showcasing Cameron’s progress.

Setting the Standard: Celebrating Excellence in NDIS Audit Success

Empowering Natalie: Music Therapy for Emotional Regulation through song writing

Natalie, an 11-year-old girl who loves music and possesses amazing memory recall, radiates confidence whenever she is immersed in music. Her music therapist, Iani Sujono, asked her and her father about the daily living skills Natalie needs help with. Her father expressed concern about Natalie’s tendency to run when excited, which can potentially endanger both […]


We’ve improved the way we write our goals and objectives AND created an online library for our therapists! We’d like to update you on our latest Quality Improvement Project, that we’ve been diligently enhancing. Our new Evaluation system addresses the Music Therapy goals and objectives that we formulate for each individual client and incorporates neurodiverse-affirming […]

The moment when Koh Chan was ready to integrate the skills he learnt in music therapy!

Koh Chan loves to play the piano. His goals this year in music therapy include developing his cognitive skills as well as increasing his fine motor skills through musical play. With his music therapist Rebecca Cooper, they have been working towards learning a song on the piano, by improving his finger isolation & dexterity, as […]

Cameron’s Musical Journey

A Reflection on Growth and Transition In April 2017 Cameron came for the first time to Sound Expression with his parents, starting a seven-year musical journey that would shape his growth and confidence as an individual. At just 5 years old, Cameron exhibited curiosity but also anxiety, a common experience for neurodivergent people navigating new […]

Empowering Children to Express Grief through Music

We were honoured to have recently volunteered our time to work with the National Centre for Childhood Grief (NCCG, formerly A Friend’s Place) on a project with their Kids Group.   This group of bereaved children, who have experienced the loss of a parent or sibling, worked together with their counsellors and with Grace and […]