As well as having skill in traditional teaching methods, teaching music to children and adults with disability often requires a greater understanding of the complexities of the disability to find the best way for the them to learn an instrument. The approach often needs to be individualised and can sometimes be non-traditional and require extra creativity and understanding from the teacher. We have an expert team of professionals who are highly qualified in their fields and have extensive experience working with both children and adults with disability.

Sound Expression provides individual supported music lessons for children and adults with disability:

  • Piano
  • Guitar

Sometimes a client may not be ready yet to embark on supported music lessons. In the initial lesson the teacher will assess the client’s readiness for music teaching. If they would benefit instead from music therapy, the teacher will discuss this with you after the first lesson.

How do I enrol for supported music lessons at Sound Expression?

To start supported music lessons at Sound Expression, please complete our Music Lesson Enrolment Form and we will then contact you to arrange a weekly lesson time.