Our school-readiness music program for children with special needs (3 –  5 years old) assists children to develop the skills needed to start school. Through movement, singing and playing musical instruments the children learn to concentrate, listen and respond to instructions and they learn how to interact positively with their peers. In this program parents join their children as they work together in music.

The program focuses on the following building blocks:

  • Planning & sequencing – following sequential multi-step activities
  • Receptive language – comprehension of language
  • Expressive language – encouraging sounds and speech for communication
  • Sensory processing – processing sensory stimulation in the environment as well as in the child’s own body
  • Social skills – turn taking, waiting, sharing and engaging in reciprocal interactions with others (both verbally & non-verbally)
  • Self-regulation – increasing children’s ability to maintain and change emotion, behaviour, attention and activity level appropriate for a task or situation

How do I enrol my child in the School-readiness program at Sound Expression?

To enrol for this program, you must have a group of 6 children between the ages of 3 – 5 years old. Bookings must be made on a term by term basis, payable in advance.

Please complete our Enrolment Form and email it to info@soundexpression.com.au. We will then contact the group organiser to arrange the program session time.