Quality Improvement is at the forefront of our business, to ensure we are always delivering a premium service to our clients.

After months of planning, testing and troubleshooting, we finally launched our custom-made clinical evaluation tool this month! This new system will improve and streamline the way we gather information about our clients, track and report our clinical work, and improve the way we collaborate with other professionals working with our clients to achieve their goals. We conducted an initial training session for our team at Sound Expression earlier in the month, and we are all very excited to implement the new and refined therapy workflow process! For our clients, this means a change in the way we document and provide reports, as there will now be clear and factual objective measures based on a progress index that tracks information from each session. We are looking forward to seeing how this new tool pans out over the coming months, and no doubt we will be reviewing and refining the process as our business embarks on a new clinical evaluation journey.