June Boon

This month we welcome our newest team member June Boon into our Sound Expression team.

June Boon graduated with a Master of Music Therapy from University of Melbourne and a Bachelor of Science (Speech Pathology) from Curtin University. Her music therapy experience spans across many diverse environments including the disability sector, hospital settings, aged care and rural environment.

As well as being a Registered Music Therapist, June is also a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist. June has worked in both public and NGO sectors in Perth, and rural WA. June’s therapy is integrated and driven by a family centred, evidence-based approach. She works with children and their families in the areas of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Social Skills Delay, Global Developmental Delay, Speech and Language Delay, Articulation and Phonology Disorders, and stuttering. June speaks and write English, Mandarin, and Bahasa. Cultural awareness and her ability to relate to individuals of different backgrounds are some of her strengths. Her passion lies in incorporating elements from different forms of therapies to achieve client goals.

We warmly welcome June to our 2021 team!