Awesome Achievements Series – “Regulating my impulses!”

Meet Dre! Dre is a young boy with autism who loves being immersed in music but he finds it difficult to control his impulses. His music therapist Pete is helping Dre to control his impulses while still nurturing his love for musical freedom.



A partnership between Northcott and Sound Expression

Sponsored by Ryde Club Grants

Music is a great way to address difficulties with social interaction and communication while having fun. Northcott has partnered with Sound Expression to introduce how to use music with children. These sessions will give parents strategies to use music to enhance pre-verbal and verbal communication and social skills for their children.

Thursday 29th September 2016
North Ryde Community Preschool 13 Clermont Ave, Ryde

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A workshop for parents of children with special needs – no musical experience or ability required. This interactive workshop will show parents of children with special needs – including those diagnosed with autism, intellectual disability and language delay – how to use music to enhance their child’s communication skills. We understand that not every parent feels […]

5 Musical Tips to Encourage Early Language Development

Pic for 5 Musical Tips for Early Language Development

Hi everyone! I’m Iani Sujono, your Registered Music Therapist from Sound Expression in Sydney Australia. Here are my 5 tips on how you can use music to encourage your young child’s vocal exploration and language development.

Tip 1. Using music to connect
Even if your child isn’t yet able to use words, it’s ok – just have fun using your voices together, use lots of facial expressions as you connect.
The purpose of this exercise: Rewarding engagement. Release frustrations and see the joy as the musical conversation makes your child feel more at ease about using their voice to connect with you.

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Today is World Music Therapy Day – a perfect time for us to share this clip on what can be achieved through music therapy!

A scaffolding technique to help children with additional needs – the subtleties matter!

A scaffolding technique to help children with additional needs learn about waiting, turn-taking and self-control using a drum – the subtleties matter! Scaffolding refers to a variety of techniques used to move a child progressively toward stronger understanding and, ultimately, greater independence in a learning process. Scaffolding can include breaking a large task into smaller […]

A wonderful letter from John Alexander MP

Not only did John Alexander MP visit our clinic last month, we received this wonderful letter from him last week. In his speech at Parliament House in Canberra, John advocated for music therapy and the work that we do at Sound Expression!

How can music help children with autism?

At our music therapy clinic, we use music to address the developmental goals of children with special needs. This video shows how music can help children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Clap Your Hands To The Music

A simple clapping game has multiple benefits, so go ahead and try it with your child!

Incorporating Music Into Your Work With Children and Adults With Disability

Incorporating Music Into Your Work With Children and Adults With Disability This workshop is specifically designed for educators and allied health professionals working with children in early intervention, school aged children and adults with disability. No musical experience or ability is required to attend this workshop. This practical workshop will help you to incorporate music […]