SERVICENDIS ClientPrivate Client
(incl GST)

Initial Consultation – 75 minutes

40 minutes direct contact + 35 minutes non direct contact including goal setting, support planning and consultation with other stakeholders as necessary


Music Therapy – Individual 40 minutes

30 minutes session + 10 minutes evaluation


Music Therapy – Individual 55 minutes

45 minutes session + 10 minutes evaluation


Music Therapy – Group 40 – 55 minutes

30 – 45 minutes session + 10 minutes evaluation


Supported Music Lesson – Individual 35 minutes

30 minutes lesson + 5 minutes evaluation


Supported Music Lesson – Individual 50 minutes

45 minutes lesson + 5 minutes evaluation





  • Music Therapy can be claimed through:
    • NDIS Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living
    • NDIS Capacity Building – Supports for Early Childhood Interventions
  • Music Lessons can be claimed through NDIS Capacity Building – Improved Social and Community Participation


Group price is per person. Session duration will be dependent on the number of participants on the day. Group sessions have a maximum of 6 participants – groups of 2-3 participants will run for 30 minutes direct session time and groups of 4-6 participants will run for 45 minutes direct session time


  • Cancellation made 48 hours or more prior to appointment – no charge
  • Cancellation made between 24 and 48 hours prior to appointment – 50% charge
  • Cancellation made between 60 minutes and 24 hours prior to appointment – 75% charge
  • Cancellation made less than 60 minutes prior to appointment and ‘no shows’ – 100% charge
  • 100% cancellation fee is charged when no prior notice is given


Your session time is reserved specifically for you/your child on a weekly basis by your music therapist. We respectfully request that you/your child attend your sessions on a regular weekly basis. If you do not attend, our music therapists are not able to allocate that timeslot to another client.

If you have an unusually high number of cancellations, then we will contact you to understand why they are occurring and discuss with you to seek alternate solutions for your individual circumstances, including terminating our service agreement with you.