We are excited to celebrate a milestone in Cameron’s musical journey!

Recently, we shared an article detailing his growth and achievements since he began his journey with us at age five. Today, we invite you to watch this heartfelt video showcasing Cameron’s progress.

In April 2017, five-year-old Cameron, accompanied by his supportive parents, began music therapy. Initially anxious but curious, Cameron slowly adapted to the routine, supported by his parents’ unwavering commitment. His early signs of progress, such as stepping into the therapy room and showing interest in instruments, marked the beginning of his journey.

With time and encouragement, Cameron built a trusting relationship with his therapist, Iani Sujono, using music as his primary means of expression. Music therapy helped him overcome communication barriers and develop social skills. As he grew more confident, Cameron transitioned from individual to group sessions with music therapists Rob Devlin and Lydia Wang, eventually taking supported music lessons, delighting in reading and playing music.

Now in year 7, Cameron is part of his school band and participates in mainstream music lessons, no longer requiring therapy at Sound Expression. We are incredibly proud of his accomplishments.

To celebrate Cameron’s journey, we have created this video, capturing his progress from his first day at our clinic to his final duet with Iani.

Cameron’s story is a powerful reminder of music’s role in fostering growth, confidence, and connection. Read more about his journey and his own reflection of his journey in our previous article here.

Thank you, Cameron!