Alex learns the process of music production by recording a song!

Alex is a 12 year old boy who has a strong passion for music. Over the past few months we have been exploring the wonderful world of chords in his supported music lessons. This is a project which initially began with Alex learning more complex piano chords, which then evolved to be a full audio […]


Tahlee comes to music therapy to assist with her verbal language skills, but in this beautiful video, Tahlee is choosing to communicate and express herself through the piano. Here she has a spontaneous musical conversation with her therapist Iani Sujono, demonstrating

Andy finds his voice!

Andy attends music therapy to work on the prosody and volume of his speech. Andy’s speech is often equally stressed and monotone. As music and language are processed in similar areas in the brain, various musical interventions are used to support Andy’s goals.

“BALANCING BEAM” – Awesome Achievement by Sacha (original composition)

Some outstanding songwriting from Sacha, one of our young clients! Ably assisted by our music therapist Pete McDonald, the song was created over several weeks. Discussions were had around an activity in Sacha’s week that he enjoys, the things that happen at it and how it makes him feel. With some improvised guitar accompaniment, Sacha […]

Em’s Awesome Achievements!

Meet Em! Em has Cerebral Palsy and Cortical Vision Impairment. Thanks to an incredibly generous anonymous donor, Em is able to access music therapy with us. She works very hard to integrate all her sensory systems. We hope you enjoy watching Em’s awesome achievements in music therapy.


You may have met Dre in our earlier Awesome Achievement series. Dre is a young boy with autism. He loves his music but finds it difficult to control his impulses. Dre has come ahead in leaps and bounds! A much more regulated child, Dre is now working on his social and engagement skills. Here’s what […]

Awesome Achievements series – Alex playing Three Little Birds on the piano

Watch Alex as he learns to play the chords to Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds on the piano! Alex is a young boy with autism who has an innate talent for music. Recently he has been learning how to play chords on the piano. Here’s a little snippet of him playing Three Little Birds.

Awesome Achievements Series – “Learning to Engage”

Meet Daniel! Daniel is a 3 year old boy with autism. He is learning the skills needed to engage and communicate with others. Here’s his journey so far.

Awesome Achievements Series – “Regulating my impulses!”

Meet Dre! Dre is a young boy with autism who loves being immersed in music but he finds it difficult to control his impulses. His music therapist Pete is helping Dre to control his impulses while still nurturing his love for musical freedom.