Our team at Sound Expression would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and great New Year. Thank you to all our clients for an incredible year of amazing achievements; and thank you to the parents, carers and support workers for the wonderful collaborations!

Our Young Adults Group performed for their family and friends!

Very proud of this group of young adults who meet every Tuesday morning with their RMT Pete McDonald, to jam together at our clinic. This week they performed in front of their family and friends!!


Take a look at this beautiful improvised musical exchange between Tahlee and her music therapist, Pete! Tahlee showcases her emerging jazz ‘chops’ in this wonderful collaboration between two great musicians. Tahlee was initially drawn to Pete’s chord progression, feeling her way through the music. As the improvisation progressed, she engaged in more melodic improvisation and […]

Awesome Teamwork from our music therapy group performing “On My Own” (from Les Miserables)

Awesome teamwork by one of our Saturday Music Therapy Groups – Tahlee (piano), Andreas (cello), Hannah (vocals), and Karuka (tone chimes)! They have been hard at work practising this musical arrangement of “On My Own” (Les Misérables) over the past few weeks, supported by their music therapist, Rob Devlin, and music therapy assistant, Damian Khoury.

Building friendships through group music therapy

Have a listen to these lovely voices from our little people who attended group music therapy at our clinic! Sound Expression conducts group music therapy for children on a weekly basis, helping them to form friendships and supporting each other, learning various social skills.

Group Music Therapy for Young Adults

Our Group Music Therapy at Sound Expression provides opportunities to develop friendships in a social environment of shared acceptance and creativity. This group of young adults meets every Tuesday morning to jam

Discovering my voice – a peek through Sam’s music therapy journey

Sam attends music therapy at Sound Expression to work on his communication skills, emotional regulation and self-expression. In this video, you will witness Sam gradually coming out of his shell and exploring his voice. 

Alex learns the process of music production by recording a song!

Alex is a 12 year old boy who has a strong passion for music. Over the past few months we have been exploring the wonderful world of chords in his supported music lessons. This is a project which initially began with Alex learning more complex piano chords, which then evolved to be a full audio […]


Tahlee comes to music therapy to assist with her verbal language skills, but in this beautiful video, Tahlee is choosing to communicate and express herself through the piano. Here she has a spontaneous musical conversation with her therapist Iani Sujono, demonstrating

Andy finds his voice!

Andy attends music therapy to work on the prosody and volume of his speech. Andy’s speech is often equally stressed and monotone. As music and language are processed in similar areas in the brain, various musical interventions are used to support Andy’s goals.