We’ve improved the way we write our goals and objectives AND created an online library for our therapists!

We’d like to update you on our latest Quality Improvement Project, that we’ve been diligently enhancing. Our new Evaluation system addresses the Music Therapy goals and objectives that we formulate for each individual client and incorporates neurodiverse-affirming language to improve the way we provide services to all participants who access our clinic.

The aim of this project was to deepen our understanding and hone our approach as music therapists, to empower and accurately reflect the unique intentions of each participant’s program. We then created a library of reviewed goals and objectives that are inclusive and neurodiverse-affirming.

Over the last year, we reviewed all our written goals and objectives, refined the ways in which we write them, then created a centralised online library for our therapists to use, which our IT team then uploaded into our Practice Management Software. We thought that’s pretty awesome!

We want to acknowledge the wonderful work of our team and particularly highlight the insightful and tireless contributions of Jen Whalan RMT, who led this process through her wealth of knowledge and analytical skills in overseeing this huge project.

We would also like to acknowledge the support and mentorship of Associate Professor Grace Thompson, Head of Music Therapy at The University of Melbourne, whose expert advice and guidance has helped us enormously in shaping our system into such a useful resource for our team. Grace’s sharing of her knowledge in person with our team, combined with her excellent book “Goal Processes in Music Therapy Practice”, formed the inspiration and laid the groundwork for our new digital Goals and Objectives library.