Akino Ogawa

Music Therapist

AMTA Registered Music Therapist, Neurologic Music Therapist
Master of Creative Music Therapy, Bachelor Social Science and Policy

Akino Ogawa is a registered music therapist with a Master of Music Therapy and a background in the social sciences.

As a music therapist, Akino has worked with a range of client groups in early and primary education, mental health, disability and aged care. Akino enjoys engaging with clients and places importance on developing a strong clinical relationship with the individuals and families with whom she works. She uses a creative and interactive approach, which is beneficial to maintain, develop or improve a client’s potential for communication, cognition, emotional well-being, self-expression and sense of self-worth.

Akino has delivered music therapy services to Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Australia, Fisher Road School, Passfield Park School, Salvation Army Dural and Cassia Community Centre.

Member of AMTA Australian Music Therapy Association